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Now Accepting New Clients.

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A Partner In Your Child’s Learning & Development

Rooted Therapy Center delivers naturalistic ABA therapy through play and everyday activities in the home. We purposely chose to be home-based for several reasons. Being in the home provides the child learning opportunities during his/her natural daily routines. This includes working on skills during meals, at the table, on the floor, and outside to name a few. We can also help with potty training and practice for visiting the dentist or getting a haircut. We push into preschools and daycares, based on child needs, and help develop social skills and promote the transfer of skills initially learned in the home. Additionally, we go out in the community such as the grocery store, park, hair salon, or dentist to help generalize skills learned or work on promoting pro-social behaviors in these sometimes challenging environments. The ability to support the child in multiple environments, versus just at a clinic, allows the child to practice skills learned where they would normally need to use the skills. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on collaborating with other providers such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. This collaboration is vital to ensure consistency and repetition for the child across therapies.


Engaging, Play-Based Learning

Our ABA team embraces play-based learning, skillfully weaving evidence-backed Applied Behavior Analysis strategies with captivating activities to stimulate progress.

Whole Child Approach

We are dedicated to a whole-child approach, prioritizing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development to nurture a well-rounded child and empower him/her to thrive in life.

Supporting Childrens' Natural Development

Our approach focuses on encouraging their innate strengths and curiosities, building a foundation for self-confidence, problem-solving, and an enduring desire to learn.

A Message From The Owner

Darra Drosis, Owner


ESDM Certified Therapist

When researching early intervention ABA for my family, I found that many approaches were using picture cards or materials out of context and often have children isolated in a room by themselves with an adult. As a BCBA, this is the approach I was trained in and used. After having my son, I quickly realized how this approach is not always appropriate for young children. They NEED to play on the floor, at the table, with others, and with toys that are meaningful and fun for them. They shouldn’t even know they are learning! 

That is how I discovered the ESDM approach, which addresses the challenges I was having, and I fell in love with it. It is based on child development and tailored toward the deficits of Autism with a focus on joint-attention, play, and naturalistic teaching. I found that this approach to ABA treatment was missing in Michigan and that is why I began Rooted Therapy Center. I am the only practicing, certified ESDM therapist in Michigan and hope to bring this approach to ABA to my community. My purpose is to provide naturalistic and developmentally appropriate ABA therapy that is fun and also effective to young children on the Autism Spectrum. I believe this approach will create a strong foundation for their future learning. 

Meet Our Staff

Kenjoshua (KJ)

Behavior Technician
In undergrad I realized what I wanted to do in life was help people, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity. After taking a psychology course I found myself in love with it and realized this was the track for me to be able to help. I currently attend Michigan School of Psychology and I have been a Behavior Technician since the fall of 2023. When I’m not working I enjoy playing soccer.


Behavior Technician
My name is Layla Hashem and I am a Behavior Technician. One of my favorite things about my job is seeing growth over time and knowing I am helping them achieve these skills they will use for the rest of their lives. I am currently going to school for psychology to hopefully become a BCaBA. I chose to work in the field because I have a passion for working with kids and making a difference in their lives. Some things I enjoy doing outside of being a BT is I love running, being outdoors, and shopping.

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